Ajahn Pannyavaddho Thera 1925 – 2004 and BGKT Library

Updated 13th October 2014

Ajahn Pannyavaddho Thera died aged 78 on 18th August 2004. He was the most senior western monk in Thailand. An obituary by Than Ajahn Maha Boowa appeared in The Middle Way: Journal of the Buddhist Society 79 (4) (February, 2005) 219-226.

Mrs Jane Browne kindly donated several books from his library to BGKT’s library. Ajahn Pannyavaddho was very important in the history of Buddhism in Britain, and we are honoured to have his books in our library. Mrs Browne also sent a CD of his talks and one of his funeral. We are very grateful to her.

For more information about Ajahn Pannyavaddho Thera see Uncommon Wisdom, a biography of him


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